Creation 2021
Théâtre Fémina Festival Pulsations Bordeaux France

Waltzing to the telluric heartbeat of music and silently gathering stories, MO’ winds up his dream box to conduct a world of colliding sound. 

Reaching well beyond the scope of a concert, MO’S world revolves like a crazed carousel… an orchestration of instruments, bodies, curio and verse, dancing with one another, a recital that has picked up momentum and is now spinning out of control. 

Together with his band of samurai musicians and ghost dancers, James Thierrée has conjured up an evening of original music and lyrics wildly interwoven with moments of raw dance, humour and signature theatrics. A dismantled melo-harmonical concerto.

With melodic, exuberant waves of harmonic outbursts, MO' conjures his groovesque chronicles, mixing brass, strings, and baroque intermezzos with rock and electro sounds…

MO'S has erupted from the stillness of 2021, a durational process developed during the impatient hours of waiting for theatres to reopen. 

  • Created and performed by James Thierrée:
  • Ching Ying Chien : dance...:
  • Mathias Durand : vocals, guitars, bass, piano, drums, tempura...:
  • Samuel Dutertre : acting, dance...:
  • Hélène Escriva : euphonium, bass trumpet, vocals:
  • Steeve Eton : saxophone, vocals clarinet, bass clarinet, flutes, percussions...:
  • Damien Fleau : saxophone (bass, alto, soprano) piano, bass…:
  • Maxime Fleau : clarinet, drums and percussions, countertenor...:
  • Nora Horvath : dance...:
  • Valentin Mussou : cello...:
September 14 to
September 15
Düsseldorf /
June 27 to
June 28
La Philharmonie de Paris